This is a story about a boy who suddenly woke up from sleepwalking in a very strange place. Weirdly enough he has an ability to change some things as if he was asleep but two evil glowing eyes that watch him from the pitch darkness of the room seem a bit too real for a dream.

In order to win you need to survive 20 seconds running from the monster. By default lights are turned off, but you have some energy to change that for a moment to see where the enemy is, so use it wisely. The monster's speed and amount of teleports available depends on a level.

-WASD/Arrow keys or mouse to navigate your character.
-Space to turn on the lights (keep an eye on your energy bar on the left though). Before you start running away from ghost you can place teleports anywhere you want (cool, huh?)!
And don't forget to set up some teleports. You can think your plan through before level.. or you can figure it out on the way, yolo.

Made withlibGDX
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InputsKeyboard, Mouse
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